Blog #2: Another Awareness Month comes to an End

For those in our community, awareness is not confined to one month each year.  A full month is a blessing to pack endometriosis awareness activities, educational events and projects into.  It’s also a slippery slope for many to stay within the allotted spoons available versus spoons used

Awareness Month challenges advocates to vigilantly pace spoon use.  To ration spoons through an entire Awareness Month is a herculean feat that most of the general population is oblivious to.  Advocates oft’ navigate their own health issues toward the goal of  greater good for others and future generations.  Knowing a monstrous number of spoons were expelled among our community throughout the month of March, looking back, was it successful?

How do we quantify success?

  • If success equals progress with updated care standards and treatment guidelines, then No.
  • If success equals recognition of extrapelvic endometriosis and inclusion among care standards, treatment guidelines and FAQ’s among governing organizations of Gyn, then No.
  • If success equals the media getting the definition of endometriosis correct, then Yes and No.
  • If success equals acknowledgement of Endometriosis Awareness Month by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, then No.
  • If success equals an increase in financial resources for endometriosis research, if a ‘a wee bit’ is acceptable, then Yes. Elise Courtois, PhD ;  Dr. Holly Harris
  • If success equals the development of updated medical school curriculum about endometriosis, then No.
  • If success equals the recognition of ‘excision’ as Gold Standard surgical treatment for disease, then No.
  • If success equals recognition of endometriosis as a specialty (with established criteria of didactic, clinical and surgical skills for certification), then No.
  • If success equals an increase in the number of grassroots patient advocates, groups and organizations with activities/events independent of pharmaceutical investment or influence, then Yes!

On that, we still have a lot of work to do.  Work which will not wait until next March to begin again.  Work which many, many unacknowledged persons use their precious spoons to address.  What IS beautiful and successful…the rising up of those with this disease helping others with this disease.

All of our awareness events and projects have common purpose: provide correct information, acknowledge the battle, and through the use of various platforms and mediums, those without the disease have opportunity to feel and sense a little of our world.

Those with endometriosis are finding, and using their voices, telling their stories, less in isolation and more in collection. Expunging old myths, raising awareness to disease diversity, its potential for body-wide lesions and systemic dysfunctions.

Voices’: were raised in the form of public marches;  a town hall meeting  The Endometriosis Summit  (video of event can be accessed at Lumenis FB Page);    educational and social gatherings in our communities across the globe;  screenings of the documentary ‘Endo What?’ (Endo What?);  art exhibitions (Beyond Invisible Art Exhibition );  journalism (How to support a loved one with endometriosis);  provision of testimony to state and local governments (Endometriosis Advocates approach government officials about women);  and release of a new publication (for those with endometriosis by those with endometriosis)!  These are only a sampling of accomplishments this month.

What’s exciting about this new publication?   FemTruths: Endometriosis Edition-Collection of Stories from Courageous Women  (Editor: Silvia Young).  It is the first in a series of personal, short stories and artwork from those with endometriosis.  Stories  gathered from around the world; This is the little-book-that-could.  Within its pages, the reader is exposed to the parasitic nature of endometriosis on the human experience.  The written thoughts and artwork powerfully portray reality of life with this disease.  Unless you, or someone you care for has endometriosis, what you were told and thought you knew, are outdated, inaccurate or only a small portion of the disease.  (Spoiler alert: among the books pages, includes the evolution of Trish).

As another Endometriosis Awareness Month has closed, our community remains the underdog.  With limited resources to draw attention around the injustices we continue to endure, fighting for what is right, remains a driving force among our community.

But Wait…Today, the air stirs with a sense of unrest and forming cohesion.  This is good.  It is the continued injustices that give cause to why, “Still I Rise” – Maya Angelo

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