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Immediately prior to obtaining 501 c3 charitable status, the global pandemic was declared. With restrictions for public gatherings and necessary redirection of much corporate sponsorship, public and private grants toward those organizations that provided support to persons and communities most affected by the pandemic, EPNR was able to continue our mission educating, advocating and commencing research through the digital world.

While we will continue to build outreach digitally, we are also excited to build the infrastructure for in-person programs and the sense of community that it builds. With the pandemic in the rearview mirror, opportunity for financial assistance of corporations, foundations and government are slowly resuming. We are very thankful for those who have and continue to support our work. Without the help of in-kind donations from individuals, our local to global reach would be significantly smaller. There are so many ways to help, big to little, once to many times a year; not just financially but also through giving of time and talents. #ItTakesAVillage

Paypal: ‘Give at Checkout’ Program

A $1 micro donation can be made each time PayPal is used for purchase(s). Two easy was to set up.

1.) Log in to PayPal (mobile app or web browser). Click ‘Select Your Favorite Charity’; Type in ‘Extrapelvic Not Rare’; Confirm.


2.) Log In to PayPal, Go to our Charity Profile Page: Extrapelvic Not Rare, Click ‘Select as Favorite Charity’

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