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Extrapelvic Not Rare, was created in 2018 by Dr. Wendy Bingham, DPT.  It is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to advance awareness, education and prompt policy changes that leads to earlier recognition, reduced mis-, and delayed diagnosis of endometriosis of disease outside of the reproductive system and local area among persons afab.   EPNR’s target audience includes healthcare disciplines and general public about endometriosis as a disease with bodywide potential. 

Board of directors:

Dr. Wendy Bingham, DPT

Executive Director and Founder; President: Board of Directors

Ms. Bingham

Dr. Wendy Bingham, DPT, with more than 20 years in medicine, has experienced endometriosis for 33 years, 30 of which were gas-lit by conventional medicine.

As a thoracic endometriosis (TE) patient herself, Dr. Bingham is also a leading researcher and founder of Extrapelvicnotrare.org.

Considered “the voice” of the TE community with a growing social media following, Dr. Bingham integrates science, medical research and personal experience into a blended language for an audience of both doctors and patients.

Dr. Bingham has built a resume of activities to stimulate conversation of endometriosis as a body-wide disease which is NOT confined to the reproductive system and local area in persons afab.  Activities include development of a website dedicated to extrapelvic endometriosis; appearance as panelist and presenter of webinars to the public, support groups; and healthcare students, podcast interviews; blog guest writer; creation of animated educational videos and, with the lift of pandemic restrictions, has commenced participation with in-person representation of EPNR at health/wellness, women’s fairs and professional association conferences.  Prior to EPNR, she co-created ‘Drs. Note’ with EndoStats.com; assisted with the NCD Alliance ‘NCD’s and Me’ campaign, a catalyst to the World Health Organizations recent acknowledgement of Endometriosis as a global disease and need to develop local-to-global policy changes to address social and economic injustices persons with endometriosis encounter  (NCD Story).  Dr. Bingham obtained a BS in General Science at Oregon State University, Master of Physical Therapy at University of Maryland Eastern Shore (MPT) and Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Temple University.

Dr. Bingham bridges the gap between evidence-based to practical application and the medical provider’s perception with the patient’s experience.

Jennifer L. Kammeyer, CPA

Board of Directors: Vice President and Treasurer
Jenny Portrait w Black Bkgd

Jennifer is a CPA who over 30 years of professional experience.  Her experience includes: finance director, accounting manager, lead auditor and CPA consultant for government organizations (local and state) and not-for-profit clients.  Jennifer’s expertise includes operations to ensure entities adhere to General Accepted Accounting Principles and compliance with federal, state and local laws.  She has supervised and trained financial managers and fund accountants of governmental organizations under tight deadlines. Jennifer enjoys the processes involved with quality improvement of financial processes, governmental accounting and Excel.  Two of her recent projects include: grant accounting and audit duties, and writing accounting policies and procedures for a not-for-profit organization and government agency.

Jennifer received a degree in Business Administration (BA) from St. Bonaventure University (Olean, NY). She currently holds CPA license in Washington.

Perry Salzhauer, JD LLM

Board of Directors:  Secretary

Slide1Perry is a corporate and environmental attorney (partner/shareholder) with Greenlight Law Group.  He represents and advises, both public and private entities to ensure compliance with laws.  His professional interests include sustainability and environmental conservation as they pertain to land-use and business development. In addition, Perry works with businesses to streamline business costs and maximize productivity and profit. He began his professional career in Washington DC, later practicing in and maintains licensure in the states of New York and Oregon.
In recent years Perry served as a chairman for the Cannabis Law Committee of the Oregon State Bar.

Perry graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School, Nashville TN (LD) and received a post-graduate certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law (LLM) from Lewis and Clark Law School, Portland, OR.  Perry has witnessed the effects of endometriosis on his spouse’s quality of life and understands the impact it has on the person’s support system.  Perry currently resides in Seattle, WA with his wife.

Scientific Advisory Commmittee:

Nick Fogelson, MD FACOG

Scientific Advisor

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Robert P Sutcliffe, MA MB BChir MD FRCS

Scientific Advisor

Mr Robert Sutcliffe Portrait with Black(Bio coming soon)

Joseph S. Raccuia, MD

Scientific Advisor

(Photo and bio coming soon)

Wendy Bingham, DPT

Scientific Advisor

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