Who is Trish?

Trish is the infographic ambassador and logo for Extrapelvic Not Rare. Trish, along with those at Extrapelvic Not Rare, want to change the perception of endometriosis to a disease with body-wide lesion potential and greater acknowledgment of extrapelvic disease. Through accurate information and education, woven with the patient experience, Trish represents the work of passionate, dedicated advocates to expand awareness and promote change through a variety of platforms.

Trish’s accessories represent the more common areas of extrapelvic disease:






Peripheral Nerve

We acknowledge endometriosis has been identified in all (11) major body system and provide limited information about disease in exceptional locations through special topic’s pages (ie. Headaches and Hormones, Nosebleeds, ABC’s of EPE). 

Trish is our voice: “We’re extra, not rare.”

Originally Published: August 8th, 2018

Last Updated: January 5th, 2023