Who is Trish?

Trish is the infographic ambassador and logo for Extrapelvic Not Rare.


Trish, along with those at Extrapelvic Not Rare, want to change the perception of extrapelvic disease. Through accurate information and education, woven with the patient experience, Trish represents the work of those passionate and dedicated to expand awareness and promote change through a variety of platforms.

Trish is our voice: “We’re not rare, we’re extra.”

Trish’s accessories represent the more common areas of extrapelvic disease.

Digestive/Gastrointestinal  Urinary/Excretory   Respiratory/Thoracic    Cutaneous/Skin                         Peripheral Nerve                           

However, we acknowledge and attempt to include disease which is located in all areas of the body outside of the reproductive system. We are all ‘Trish’. 



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(last updated 06/01/2020)